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Hughesville STEM students collaborating with businesses

By Staff | Oct 9, 2019

HUGHESVILLE – Students in the STEM program at East Lycoming School District will be participating in a collaborative program with area businesses.

In his report to the board Tuesday, Sept. 24, Michael Pawlik, the district’s superintendent, highlighted the new program, which will involve teaming up students, primarily junior high age, with a local business.

“The business identifies something they’re trying to accomplish, (such as) a problem they’re trying to solve, a product they’re trying to improve, an advertising campaign they’d like more opinions (for), and they work collaboratively with that organization for 12 to 14 weeks. They have meetings with the management of

the organization, tour the organization, pitch their ideas to the organization, hopefully to move the organization

forward and provide a fresh set of

perspectives for them,” he said.

Pawlik noted that the first business to participate in the program is Lewis Lumber at Picture Rocks.

“It is really a great idea to get kids out to businesses and see what there is and what types of jobs are available, especially in the local economy,” Pawlik added.

In other business the board approved the following personnel items:

The resignations of Melissa Hampton, assistant Pre-K teacher and Dawn Pretti, supervisory aide.

BLaST guest teachers, Lea Cale, Sheri Hitesman, Susan Martin, Shelby Newcomer, Ronald Shellhamer and Diane Souter.

Stephen Stopper as a part-time ESL teacher for one hour per day at $32.42 per hour.

Victoria Welch as junior high student council advisor at a rate of $1,663.

The board also approved the following coach staff and their salaries:

Basketball: Nicholas Tagliaferri, varsity head coach, $6,989; Jacob Golbitz, varsity assistant coach, $4,337;

Robert Perry, ninth grade coach, $4,137 and Jeff Sampsell, eighth grade coach, $1,885.

Girl’s basketball: Craig Weaver Sr., varsity head coach, $5,787; Brian Snyder and Courtney Wilk, varsity

assistant coaches, $3,948 each and Tyler Marshall, eighth grade coach, $2,945.

Wrestling: Woody Fry, assistant varsity coach, $6,039 and Brian Anstadt, assistant junior high wrestling, $4,919.

Junior high basketball/wrestling cheerleading coach, Ruth Fry, $3,128.

Board members present were: Michael Mamrak, Karen Berger, Lisa McClintock, Richard Michael, Richard

Bradley and Donna Gavitt. Absent were: Robert Heckrote and Kristy Creasy.

The next board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 8 at the district board room, 349 Cemetery Street.