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Shoe Crew!

By Staff | Oct 9, 2019
Tristan Ditzler disagrees with a referee call made against the Muncy Indians during the annual Old Shoe game against Montgomery. Ditzler, along with Bryce Vollman, Loudon Boring and Jacob Blair, arrived shirtless at Stanley Schuyler Memorial Stadium last Friday. Their torsos were painted all white and each had a blue letter brandished on their midsections, spelling out G-U-S-H, to honor their favorite player, Ethan Gush.


Members of the Muncy varsity football team celebrated after defeating the Montgomery Red Raiders 27-7 during last Friday’s annual “Old Shoe Trophy” game. Although Muncy and Montgomery have been sports rivals for nearly 90 years, the Shoe Trophy was born in 1961, thanks to George Sauers and Dick Dietz, Muncy faculty members during that time. Suers and Dietz were tasked by Stanley Schuyler to appropriate a worthy award between the two teams, resulting in a humorous yet iconic form of excellence.