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Montgomery Borough to vacate a property, buy cloud storage for police body cameras

By Staff | Nov 20, 2019

MONTGOMERY – The Montgomery Borough council unanimously approved to vacate borough-owned land on Burley Drive and pay for one year of off-site cloud storage for the Montgomery Police Department body cameras on Tuesday evening.

The land at Burley Drive currently sits where half is part of Montgomery Borough and the remaining half is within Clinton Township lines. Clinton Township has already decided to vacate their side of the property.

By vacating its side of Burley Drive, the borough would no longer need to upkeep the property during winter months or provide any maintenance work.

The land will go back to private owners after the ordinance is adopted.

Eric Winters, officer in charge, provided the council with three quotes for off-site cloud-based storage for the police bodycam footage. One was nearly $5,000, the second $2,780 to renew each year and the last a one-time fee of $2,730.

The borough, the police department and residents have expressed concerns about having the cameras but not using them. After the police report given by Winters showed 76 incidents, an increase from the previous report with a majority of incidents being thefts, domestics and vehicle break-ins, the need for the cameras is evident, he said.

With that, the borough approved to pay for one year of off-site service with the second quote of $2,780 from the manufacturer of the department-owned cameras. After one year of use, the borough will decide whether to renew or find a local server for the footage.

In another matter, the borough council approved to execute a memorandum of understanding for the Lycoming County bridge bundling program to redo the bridge near Second Street and the borough’s Little League fields. In this program, the borough will pay for 5 percent of the costs while the county and state cover the remaining cost.

In this case, the borough will pay $13,250. Susan Andrews, vice president, was selected to represent the borough at the program meetings.

In other business, the council voted to donated $500 to the Montgomery Christmas Committee as they are putting together “Toys for Tots” and the borough Christmas parade that will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7.

In regards to the 2020 budget, the council is working through changes and suggestions from council committees and has not been publicly discussed or approved yet.

The next borough meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Dec. 10 at the borough building on East Main Street.