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Township Supervisors approve C & N bank for renovations

By Staff | Nov 20, 2019

MUNCY-The Muncy Township Supervisors unanimously approved using Citizens and Northern Bank for renovation financing for the upcoming $2 million municipal building renovation project Thursday, Nov. 14.

The supervisors took a “unique” approach and put their financing out to bid along with construction bids for the updates. The supervisors put out seven bids for their financing and received three back.

“The successful bid was from Citizens and Northern Bank,” Supervisor Thomas Scheach said.

C&N provided a 3.29 percent fixed rate for 15 years and a 30-year mortgage for the building.

The township supervisors also chose to work with a bond counsel to secure this financing decision. The goal for the supervisors is to borrow money up front and get grant funding to offset those costs.

In regards to the project itself, the township building that stands was built in 1996 and needs “extensive plumbing, electrical and mechanical updates” according to Schaech. The Luminary reported this in its Aug. 14 issue.

Construction will include adding a garage and adding to the structure to create space on the already existing first floor. When construction is completed, the fire department, police department, township supervisors, public works and general government offices will all share the municipal building Scheach added.

A related ordinance passed by supervisors set the maximum amount the township may borrow at $2 million and will ensure that the township sticks to the budget as planned. The township would have debt related to the project, according to Gwen Pidcoe, township manager.

“We are moving forward with the building renovations and consolidation,” Scheach said. “We are moving in the right direction.”

Contracts for the actual construction will be awarded in December.

In another matter, the supervisor’s budget workshops for the 2020 budget have been completed and are set to advertise their 2020 budget as part of legal requirements.

The 2020 budget for Muncy Township states that there will be no tax increase meaning for the budget’s millage rate of 0.002, township residents would be paying $200 per property assessed at $100,000, which did not increase or decrease from last year’s budget.

In other business, the township is also a part of the county’s bridge bundling program to repair bridges that need work. Auchmuty Road has been chosen for the program and as the program states, the township will be paying only 5 percent of the cost while the county pays for the remaining costs.

Muncy Township approved the program and will be paying their 5 percent, which is a total of $16,500.

Members present: Schaech, Matthew Doyle, Gary Harmon.

The next Muncy Township meeting will be held Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the township building on Pond Road in Muncy.