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Pastoral couple welcomed at local church

By Staff | Nov 27, 2019

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Madeline and Pastor Kevin Redeski, newly assigned to the congregation of the 'Church of God' near Montgomery.

MONTGOMERY-Pastor’s Appreciation Day was observed recently at the Church of God on Route 405 near Sherwood Corners. The event was two-fold as after several months of traveling back and forth from the Stroudsburg area, Madeline M. and Pastor Kevin Redesky announced procuring a home in Muncy Borough.

The new assignees bring their musical talents with them as Madeline plays the bell lyre, flute and is currently practicing the clarinet. Since his youth, Pastor Kevin has been a guitarist.

Worship services have a mix of hymns and contemporary selections, “I prefer those with a clear Christian message, Christ centered,” he said.

To become a full time minister, Pastor Kevin is retiring after 39 years as an electrician beginning as an apprentice and then a journeyman. The company’s headquarters had been in the sixth floor basement of the North Tower in New York City; that is until Sept. 11, 2001.

In recounting the experience of that day, he said, “When a plane hit the South tower, we thought it was an earthquake. My wife phoned and told me to get out of there. Noting my hesitation, she reinforced the request saying she was watching on television and could see the smoke across the river from our home in Hackensack. I went up to the lobby and was about to exit when our North Tower was hit.”

Additionally he shared that, “I knew people who were never late to work who that morning were late. Stopping the trains kept others from being in the area. We electricians kept working in the city where for days it was unusual seeing few people on the streets and everything being covered with dust.”

The Redesky’s moved to the Stroudsburg area and in a local church put to use his certificate as ‘Minister of Music.’ He was also an exhorter filling pulpits for pastors on vacations or during times off.

In attending joint church conferences in the Lehigh Valley District, he made his availability known which is how he became acquainted with the Montgomery church. “Pastor Wilson called for a vacation fill-in and later when he retired, headquarters asked if I’d be interested. After we and the congregation sought God’s will, we accepted.”

A bit of history of the church was shared by Cheryl Miller who along with husband Bob are the longest constant members. “I’m thankful for anyone who would take over our church. The pastor’s music is a delight, they are good listeners.”

According to Ruth Schreck, services for what would become the Church of God began in homes, moving to a space in the Turbotville Community Hall before erecting a building.

Ruth and Roy Schreck were married in the church sanctuary the day prior to the first official service on Aug. 31, 1997. Ruth, charged with gathering weekly prayer requests said, “It was tough in the beginning, but through the financial wisdom of Isaac Wilson, our pastor at the time, and the Rock Run Assembly of God paying off our debt, we are able to flourish.”

“Within Pennsylvania, the Church of God has approximately 150 sites with most in the eastern and southern sections of the state. Our teachings are Bible based and similar to that of the Assemblies of God,” Redesky said.

The new assignee’s view for the church’s future is to add more outreach to the community, especially young people, providing them with teachings in the Christian faith. “The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few, all must put their hands in the harvest,” the pastor said.

Comparing the Muncy/Montgomery area to their former residence, Pastor Kevin said, “It’s similar to our home in the Poconos. We were on a dirt road with mountains in the background where it’s not unusual to see bear roaming about. We both appreciate the historic flavor of this area.

Worship services are held at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday, proceeded by Sunday school, also Wednesday prayer services at 7 p.m. Weekly sermons are recorded and available on the church’s Facebook page, Route 405 Church of God.