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Stiger Retires

By Staff | Jan 8, 2020

HUGHESVILLE-Last week as the world saw the end of 2019, the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department saw the end of an era.

For the last 27 years, Steve “Stump” Stiger has selflessly served as Chief of the department and chose to retire from the chief’s position this year. Hughesville and southeastern Lycoming County communities have greatly benefited from Stiger’s service and leadership.

Stiger will remain as an active member with designation of “honorary chief” for his long time service. Rusty Bitler has been elected as Fire Chief, Dan Dorman as first Assistant Chief and Chris May as second Assistant Chief.

Organized Jan. 21, 1892 for fire protection of Hughesville borough, volunteers now provide coverage to parts of Wolf, Penn, and Moreland Townships and additionally provides mutual aid to several neighboring departments.