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ELSD in ‘good’ financial standing

By Staff | Jan 29, 2020

HUGHESVILLE – The East Lycoming School District is in a “good financial position,” said the business manager as the board worked through a proposed budget, on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

“Remember this is still early in the process,” said David Maciejewski, of the more than $26-million budget.

Over the past few years the district has used their reserve funds to balence the budget, he said. However, with district officials soon expecting to finish paying off debts accrued in the early-2000s for building renovations, the reserves will be replenished.

District pension payments, which have increased drastically in recent years, now seems to be leveling off, he said.

“We’re down to a point now where the retirement is increasing at a very small percentage,” said Maciejewski.

The school board moved on Dec. 17, 2019, to not raise millage beyond the state mandated maximum of 3.6 percent, but residents can expect a “usual” millage increase of about .25 to .5, or $25 to $50 per $100,000 of assessed real estate value, said Maciejewski.

In another matter, the district will tighten up security in February by installing software and scanners to monitor visitors to all buildings.

“We’ll start sending information home to parents over the next couple of weeks because we want them to understand that they’ll, maybe in the beginning, have to come a little bit early,” said Michael Pawlik, superintendent.

Visitors will need to provide a photo ID, which will be scanned. Their names will automatically be checked with Megan’s Law registries, as well as other databases.

Then, the visitors will be provided a badge with which those individuals may scan themselves into the building. That badge will have a sticker which will slowly fade of color as the visitor’s time in the district also expires, at which point the badge will no longer be valid.

The next East Lycoming School Board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Feb. 18, at the district offices, 349 Cemetery St.