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New year, new scam

By Staff | Feb 12, 2020

Lycoming County Sheriff Mark Lusk has announced reports of a phone scam in which a male caller is claiming the call recipient has a warrant out for their arrest because they failed to appear for jury duty, and must pay a fine and costs.

The male claims to be with the county sheriff’s office – reportedly identifying himself on some calls as Deputy Hall or Deputy Shaver – and asks for credit card, PayPal or other personal financial information, Lusk said.

At least six people have reported receiving the call on numbers including home, business and cell phones near the end of January.

“Before you give anyone your personal information, always call the agency the caller purports to be,” Lusk said in a press release. “In this case, please call the Office of Lycoming County Sheriff at 570-327-2280 or the Lycoming County Court Administration at 570-327-2330.”

Residents who have received calls claiming they owe a fine for failing to appear for jury duty are encouraged to report the call to the sheriff’s office.

Lusk advises community members not to give out personal information such as social security numbers, credit card information, birth dates or banking information to any unknown callers.

If an unknown caller requests such information, ask questions, document the call and hang up, Lusk said.

Take note of the phone number if caller ID is available, he added.