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Can recycling part of Muncy Lions Club

By Staff | Mar 10, 2020

The Muncy Area Lions Club began collecting and recycling aluminum cans in 1996, as a means of acquiring funds to support their budgeted donations, such as North Central Sight Services, Beacon Lodge

for the sight-impaired, Son Light House, Camp Victory, and Little League. With this project, they are able to offer an annual scholarship to a graduating senior at Muncy High School and to maintain and improve the facilities at Lions Park.

In the first year about 700 pounds of cans were deposited by the community into the two bins provided; one at the north end of town and another near Ben Franklin in Clarkstown.

Early on, members emptied the bins about every 4-5 weeks. Then, as recycling became more popular and word began to spread about their collection sites, members now empty these same bins every 2-3 weeks.

Other items that are deposited along with the cans include glass, plastic, tin and sometimes, even garbage, which members must sort through.

The aluminum cans are then put into 55-gallon plastic bags, which can weigh up to 25 pounds and stored at a designated site. When the storage site becomes full, members make a trip to the recycling center, about every 3 months. These trips to the scrap dealer usually require trailers and pick-up trucks hauling about 65 to 70 bags of cans.

With the help of the community and several local businesses, at least 7,000 pounds of cans have been kept out of the local environment and the landfill each year. Put into perspective, the number of cans recycled through the organization by the community over the last 10 years, could fill 14 school buses. That quantity (over 2 million cans) could cover a football field four times.

The Lions are thankful to the community and businesses that participate in this project to help keep a substantial quantity of recyclables out of the landfill; help the environment and provide funds that are contributed to the organizations that assist the sight-impaired and make donations back to the community. This is another way the Muncy Area Lions Club demonstrates the words “We serve,” the motto of Lions Clubs International.