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Muncy District addresses COVID-19 Concerns

By Staff | Mar 10, 2020

MUNCY-Parents in the school district received communication from the administration last week regarding COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus.

“We recognize continuing concerns in our community about the possible spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to remind families that Muncy School District is closely monitoring new developments and following the guidance of health officials to protect all our students, our employees and our community,” read the letter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the immediate risk to the general U.S. public is considered low at this time. The practice of preventative measures used throughout the typical flu season continues to be one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of flu-like illnesses, including COVID-19.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recommends practicing good hygiene, including washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, keeping surfaces clean, avoiding the sharing of food, cups and utensils and encouraging people to stay home if they are sick.

“We will continue to reinforce these preventive steps to help reduce the spread of illness, please continue to do so as well. Our staff frequently cleans and disinfects surfaces,” continued the notice.

Additionally, the staff has increased the amount of time spent cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the typical flu-season by working extended hours.

The district included the following resources for parents and guardians for frequently asked questions, as well as a welink foremergency preparedness: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html, www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/Pages/Coronavirus.aspx and lastly, www.health.pa.gov/topics/Documents/Emergency%20Preparedness/2017%20DOH%20EP%20Guide.pdf