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Bunny took wrong trail this Easter

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020

MONTGOMERY-Most are familiar with the words to the song, “Here comes Peter Cotton Tail” who supposedly was ‘hopping down the bunny trail” signaling Easter’s on its way. The song, starring an imaginary rabbit, warms the hearts of children. No way could something even close in the message of the song occur in real life, or could it?

The day and time was Easter Sunday afternoon. The place was a country road west of Montgomery’s Athletic Complex. A couple was walking through a wooded area along a macadam bi-way when a black hare appeared. According to the couple, “The rabbit took turns following from the rear and going around us to lead from the front.” This was the story given to a resident the couple saw in their yard and supposing the rabbit belonged to the homeowner, advised them that their pet had escaped.

Now the homeowner didn’t have rabbits, but when the bunny hopped into the driveway, the owner cornered and caught it, placed it in a cage and fed it while pondering on a decision as what to do next. Not knowing the animal’s sex, it was dubbed Peter Cotton Tail, at least for the time being.

Obviously domesticated, the rabbit’s black fur has red highlights and a gray underbelly. It would be unthinkable for survival in the wild as the area has cats, dogs, bear and coyotes. Canvassing the neighborhood was to no avail for the owner of this rabbit who was obviously way off the trail.

Time moved forward from Easter Sunday to Tuesday morning. The new caretaker was in for a surprise for upon opening the cage, caught a glimpse of movement in the back. A flashlight provided a better look and there coiled together in a ball, were four baby bunnies about two inches long and hairless.

In the meanwhile, the caretaker had found a home for the single rabbit, but the latest revelation put a new kink in the deal. The newborns would need a least six weeks of nursing, weaning and the like before adoption would be possible.

So, it was off to borrow a double-sized cage, purchase rabbit food and shavings for bedding to replace the temporary use of newspaper. A nesting box was also added. And oh yes, as Peter is no longer an appropriate name, Pricilla was chosen.

The caregiver wishes to remain unnamed, not wanting the location to become a dumping site for unwanted animals, if that was indeed the case.

Currently, homes have been found for Pricilla and two of her babies. If anyone would like to provide a safe and loving home for the two remaining baby bunnies, please phone The Luminary at 570.584.2134.