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Recycling site reopens

By Staff | May 20, 2020

HUGHESVILLE-The borough’s recycling drop-off sites was one of five in the county that will be slowly reopening, according to the Lycoming County Resource Management Services.

Last week, four additional sites were opened in Williamsport, Jersey Shore, Loyalsock Township and South Williamsport.

County officials ask that if anyone in a household has COVID-19, that the family please throw away recyclables. In addition, officials ask everyone to continue to wear masks while accessing the sites.

The public needs to understand that inbound recyclables are not processed until three days after collection – therefore, it is a slow process to reopen all sites. Because of that, collection procedures have changed. To better accommodate the inbound recyclables and help with its transportation, more materials will be combined:

Fibers/papers which are magazines, newspapers, chipboard, office paper junk mail, and cardboard that has been broken down are all acceptable into one container.

Plastic bottles and jars No. 1 and 2 only, tin, steel and aluminum cans are all acceptable into one container.

Glass bottles and jars are still acceptable and are still separated by color (clear/brown/green).

Plastic bags are not acceptable in the recycling containers. Officials ask such bags be emptied at the collection sites and then be taken home.