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LycoCTC budget reflects increase

By Staff | May 27, 2020

HUGHESVILLE – In his report to the East Lycoming School Board, board member Michael Mamrak said the 2020-21 budget for the Lycoming Career and Technical Center reflected an increase of about 3 percent, bringing the total budget to $2.3 million.

Although preliminary approval was given to the budget in April, it might need to be revisited, said Mamrak, who is the board’s representative to Lyco CTC. He addressed these issues at the board meeting held via Zoom last week.

An increase in costs per student of about $200 each brings the total cost to $5,429 per student, Mamrak said.

“We normally budget on the low side, so that usually accounts for 290 students. We usually realize about 305 students, so this year the proposed budgeted cost for each student was $5,246, but the realized cost was $5,072. So, realistically, that cost would go down,” Mamrak said.

He cautioned that, without a student sign-up this spring due to the closure of schools, it is difficult to determine how many students will register for Lyco CTC for fall.

“We don’t know without having a proper sign-up session this yea. Since school is out, we really don’t know what numbers we’re going to see there next year. If we can really assume that we’re going to be in the range of the 300 or so that’s the big X-factor,” he said.

The board then approved the Lyco CTC budget of $2,326,966 for the upcoming school year.

In conjunction with this, the board approved the facility lease agreement with Lyco CTC and the center’s purchase of service agreements for business and technology services.

In other business, the board approved revisions to board policies governing attendance at meeting via electronic communications and federal fiscal compliance. It also approved the first reading of a board policy relating to family and medical leave.

The 2020 Homestead and Farmstead Exclusion resolution was also given the okay by the board.