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Local company gaining notoriety as leader in security

By Staff | Jun 17, 2020

PHOTO PROVIDED Among the security products available from Clearview Asset Protection are the traditional security guard kiosk. The company prides itself on innovative surveillance technology. For law enforcement, ClearView offers a variety of telescopic towers which allow for a vantage point above 25 feet and is useful for crowd surveillance.

HUGHESVILLE – With the ability to power cameras from the Canadian wilderness to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, ClearView Asset Protection works to defend well pads, medicinal marijuana growth operations and, potentially, drone attacks.

Co-founded in 2013 by managing members Steve Savage and Lance Thomas, two locations are open for business-6290 Old Berwick Road in Bloomsburg and 128 Green Valley Road in Hughesville. The 24/7 security company is working to create new and cost-efficient ways to ensure safety and security around the world.

“The owners and supervisors all had previous careers in law enforcement,” said Thomas. “We have the experience and take pride in our work.”

ClearView provides security to multiple companies within the gas industry, offering electronic surveillance, guard booths (manned and automated), autonomous camera systems, access control, drone detection and roving patrol security guards.

ClearView is one of two companies that manufactures automated guard booths. They are more cost-efficient for companies who have administrative buildings in one place but work sites in others.

All employees receive PEC Safeland, incident command training and semi-annual safety stand-down meetings. Supervisory guards are trained in defensive driving, CPR, and FEMA site protection, and report training so they know how to document spills or incidents and how to forward that documentation to the necessary authorities.

Hard work does not go unnoticed at ClearView as they have created an innovative “ClearView Mobile Smart Tower” and a “Rapid Response” trailer. These durable platforms provide 24/7 power. ClearView’s surveillance towers are powered through a hybrid of solar energy – acquired through military-grade panels – and a methanol fuel cell. These hybrid systems can remain in the field for 18 months without needing to be refueled.

“All the equipment and electronics inside to support the tower’s operation have a high temperature variance,” said Thomas. “Most of that goes up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and down to minus 40.”

“It’s like a multi-tool that has its own power that can run cameras, radar systems and satellite communication.” said Thomas.

Of particular interest to the Saudi Arabia contracts are the defensive drone radar detection systems which notify the potential targets of impending danger.

For law enforcement, ClearView offers a telescopic tower which allows for a vantage point above 25 feet and is useful for crowd surveillance. Rather than operating off of a loud gas-powered generator, the methanol fuel cell offers a more silent alternative.

The addition of a 110-volt inlet also allows for the system to be charged rather than relying on either solar or the fuel cell.

Secondary cameras operating out of a hard-shell case can also be deployed and offer a portable 6-foot tall view of surroundings and operate seamlessly with the main tower.

ClearView’s multiple surveillance cameras systems are able to be viewed through one interface and have frequently been used in command centers.

Both systems are very simplistic. Ease of use, durability and the ability to use several kinds of technology are all reasons why the system is a wise choice for any organization to deploy.

Security, like technology, is an ever-evolving business. ClearView is constantly performing research and development and conducts frequent testing on new equipment, most recently using helmet cameras during rapid response security trainings. ClearView has demonstrated this technology for Homeland Security and Geisinger Medical Center.

More information about Clearview can found at www.clearviewassetprotection.com/.