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Brew Crew Continues to Percolate

By Staff | Sep 15, 2020

MUNCY – BYOC, or ‘Bring Your Own Chair’ was the solution devised by regulars who gather at a local Donut Shop near Muncy. The ‘Drive Thru Only’ criteria is met before clients proceed to the south end of the parking lot to retrieve folding chairs from their vehicles.

Many individuals and businesses have gotten creative in order to follow State lock-down orders for indoor areas due to Covid-19. Okay, so maybe wind, rain, and dark of dark of night will prevail, but the Governor’s orders, not so much so.

As the morning of Labor Day progressed, the groups numbers swelled from ten to fifteen. Someone mentioned that, “We come and go.”

The weather was nippy when the lock-down began in mid March. “We met in a cabin up on the hill,” said Tim Herr as he gestured in the direction of Penn Street. “We had music playing that drew six long-beards in, but as soon as the music stopped, the turkeys left.”

Mornings are not complete without a joke for the day. To that end, Dave Hunter produced his smart phone and scrolled to find a list assuring laughter. From the screen Hunter read, “At the Doctor’s office, a senior was told she would need to take the new medication the rest of her life. There was a pause while the woman read the directions and noted her time wouldn’t be long as ‘No Refills’ was marked on the container.”

The group’s age ranges from new-be Kirk Dunn to Gracie Pfleegor who is 94-years-young. Gracie finds the outing necessary for socialize riding to the shop with son ‘Corky’ Pfleegor.

Bob Phillips displayed a hand-printed sign made in jest which reads, “HOMELESS – Please Buy Donuts.” The sign is hidden most of the time.

The group has received various responses such as a young woman giving the group a $50 gift card. She had recently lost her mother and knew she would have enjoyed such an outing. Another time a couple policeman presented them with a box of donuts.“People sometimes wave or honk their horns at us,” said Molly Kemmerer.

As crickets chirp and nights grow cooler, the group looks ahead to coping with the onset of winter. Hunter suggested, “All of us who ice fish could bring pop-up tents, propane heaters, and sit on sleds.” Corky Pfleegor’s idea seemed more doable, which is to “Dress warmer.”

Although most mornings find fragments of the gathering, Monday is the day for the largest crowd. Whatever comes to pass, the circle will remain unbroken with (HOLE) new ways to enjoy donuts and brews.