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Anchored to Cope with Today’s Challenges

By CAROL SONES SHETLER - | Sep 23, 2020


HUNTERSVILLE – When Margie Plotts set her sights on becoming a counselor, she was not a wide-eyed teenager but a seasoned individual with many life experiences behind her. After graduating from South Williamsport High School then Bloomsburg University in 1962, she taught English in various school systems in the area.

“I took off time for my four children while also following my husband in his eight years as a missionary with American Baptist Churches in New Jersey and Michigan.

Returning to the Huntersville area, the couple were instrumental in establishing the Bible Baptist Church on Dutchtown Road. Eventually the family moved to where Margie remains, the Kline Plotts farm which had belonged to Ray’s father.

“I was looking to earn a Master’s Degree and deciding it wouldn’t be in English, applied to Liberty University and in 1995 earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling,” she said. The following year Plotts set up her business naming it ‘Anchor Counseling.’ “The name came to me while driving, taken from the portion of a hymn which mentions Christ the Solid Rock, a place where lives can be anchored,” she said.

Her business Mission Statement is “Anchor Counseling Service helps those who are having personal and/or family problems by blending psychotherapy and Christian principles.”

Following are the counselors tips:

Handling Covid-19 and the Unrest Among Us

Generally if a person is prone to depression and anxiety, these times we are living in now can exacerbate these conditions.

If a person is not generally depressed or anxious, the present circumstances are still very frustrating and confusing! These circumstances can bring on depression and anxiety for the very first time.

Remember that this time will pass. We are not stuck in these circumstances; change will occur. We just have to be very much aware of how we are going to change. Will we allow these circumstances to strengthen us or hinder our growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our mental health is a major part of our being and we need to know how to be become mentally healthy which can affect every part of us. Stress can cause illness, just one example. Addressing the thinking that we do is very important.

Plotts said that, “In my counseling I use cognitive behavioral therapy. Training your mind to think positively rather than negatively can be very helpful. Stopping the negative mind set is extremely important. Saying “So what” can address the irrational thinking and the what if’s.”

She went on to explain, “Clinical depression and anxiety may require a drug and counseling. Sometimes depression can be partly the result of suppressed anger which need to be vented with a safe person and/or counselor.”

The counselors advice was to “Be grateful, consider others, and being respectful. Since we are spiritual beings we need to look at what we believe and in whom we believe. Putting faith in God is not a weakness but a strength that will help us through life and beyond.”

And most of all, “Reach out to a friend, counselor, and/or clergy in these difficult times. ‘Hope is an anchor for the soul.’ Everyone needs help at one time or another.” Plotts said.