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Without music life would B

By CAROL SONES SHETLER - | Sep 23, 2020

PHOTO BY CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Student Jacob Buck (left) and instructor Jim Lundy at the owner’s music studio near Hughesville.

NOTE – The Luminary plans a bi-weekly series noting local music teachers and their students. With so many technical apparatuses replacing musicians, kudos to instructors who strive to continue the art of making their own kind of music.

HUGHESVILLE – Jacob Buck, son of Jennifer and Rodney Buck of Hughesville, is a three-year student of Jim Lundy receiving lessons on electric guitar. “I became interested in guitar watching people on television and thought it was cool. My friend, Russell DeWire, was taking lessons from Mr. Lundy so I was recommended to him. ‘Country style’ is my favorite type of music,” Jacob said.

The eighth-grade student at Hughesville High School is a member of several sports teams including basketball, baseball and cross-country.

For more than 45 years, Jim Lundy has been involved in music, starting in the mid 1970s while in the Marines. Lundy said, “I wrote instruction charts for soldiers I was stationed with who would pick up a guitar from a pawn shop or a friend needing money before shipping out.”

In high school, director Gary Steele was a great influence. In the band Lundy played baritone horn and also an upright bass in school musicals. “The school had a Folk Band, and a couple others. Guitarists who inspired my style were Jimmy Page, Jimmie Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Fogerty, Jerry Reed, Roy Clark just to name a few,” Lundy said.

Lundy appreciates all music styles, country, rock, blues and classical. “My father and grandfather loved opera, so I heard a lot of that growing up. My mother was partial to R & B and gospel,” Lundy said. The musician never tires of listening to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.

Since age 16, Lundy’s performances have been both solo and with bands. For his eighteenth birthday, Lundy’s mother paid his dues to join ‘The Musicians Union’ as he was playing in a band named “GNP’ who lasted more than 30 years. “Currently I play guitar, bass and banjo with the “Cathy Burns Hootenanny Band.” Also lead guitar with the Rocking Band “Crave,” Lundy said. The guitarist had directed and played with the “Zafar Grotto String Band” for over 20 years.

His current students are from age 8 to retired and averages 20 – 25 students weekly although the number has dropped due to coronavirus.

“When new students begin, I teach the basics of the instrument and after having that knowledge, get them working on music they want to play which encourages them to practice more,” Lundy concluded.