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Ministerium Attains Century Mark

By CAROL SONES SHETLER - | Sep 28, 2020

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary The Reverends Stephen Smith (left) and Robert Rice, note progress made by the Muncy Ministerium since it’s founding 100 years ago. Smith of Pleasant View Wesleyan Church and Rice of Muncy Baptist Church are currently Secretary/Treasurer and President of the organization.

MUNCY – For the past 100 years, the Muncy Ministerium has sought to serve the area for Jesus Christ, through the partnership of pastors and churches located in the Muncy area.

“Over the years, the work of the Muncy Ministerium has grown and changed with the needs and desires of the churches and community we serve,” said current president, Pastor Robert Rice of the Muncy Baptist Church.

In recent years, the Ministerium has primarily focused on combined services to mark special events including Good Friday, the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving. These services are hosted at various churches in the area each year, with many pastors participating in them. Even in this year of uncertainty, the Ministerium provided services for both Good Friday and the National Day of Prayer through an online platform, to continue to reach out to our community.

“Another major part of the Ministerium’s ministry is to support students at the Muncy schools. In recent years, the Ministerium has provided combined a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program for younger students, and assisted in planning Baccalaureate services for High School seniors.

The Ministerium also recognizes a graduating Muncy Senior who is active in one of our churches with the Esther Award Scholarship,” according to the Reverend Stephen Smith of Pleasant View Wesleyan Church.

Though much has shifted in the past 100 years and will continue to do so, the Muncy Ministerium will remain committed to partnering with local churches and pastors to help share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

The first gathering of the Muncy Ministerium was recorded in the Sept 30, 1920 issue of The Luminary. Pastors met at the home of the Reverend F. E. Hartman. The group organized with selection of officers including President, the Reverend A. R. DeWitt, Vice President, Reverend J. D. Brehart and Secretary/Treasurer, the Reverend B. Bieber.

The group agreed to meet the first Tuesday monthly at St. James Rectory scheduled for October. At that time the host pastor will lead a study selected from the Sermon on the Mount.