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Area youth named a ‘Phenomenal Kid’

By Carol Sones Shelter - Reporter | Feb 3, 2021

PHOTO PROVIDED Aly Creasy with a $10,000 scholarship check sponsored by Ellio’s Pizza in their annual search for ‘Phenomenal Kids’ and delivered it to Aly’s home on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Weis Market also donated a $500 check to sponsor Aly’s Monkey Movement and also treated her and her family with a cake and balloons.

MUNCY – Ellio’s Pizza Phenomenal Kids Scholarship Contest was awarded to 11-year-old Aly Creasy, who was voted by the community as “the most phenomenal kid” for her aptitude and generosity. The scholarship award in the amount of a $10,000 was presented by Zoom on January 27, 2021.  Weis Market, where Aly’s family shops for Ellio’s, also contributed to the festivities by providing balloons, flowers, cake, and a $500 donation to Aly’s Monkey Movement.  


In her contest entry, Aly demonstrated a strong passion to make the world a better place, proving a positive impact on the world around her. On her tenth birthday, Aly founded “Aly’s Monkey Movement” a non-profit 501c3 that raises money to purchase stuffed animal monkeys and donate them to children going through challenging times. Aly galvanized support in her community and has donated over 3,300 stuff animal monkeys to children’s hospitals, fire departments, police stations and more.  


Explaining how the opportunity came to them, Aly’s mother Kristy said, “I was looking for grant opportunities and stumbled across this incredible opportunity. Weeks went by before receiving notification that the essay had scored Aly into the top ten finalists. At this junction, the contest opens for public sharing with Aly’s community giving her 8100 votes.”

PHOTO PROVIDED Aly Creasy with one of the 3,300 monkeys distributed through ‘Aly’s Monkey Movement’ to children in crisis by individual request, to foster care, hospitals, fire companies and ambulance services. The youngster originated ‘Aly’s Monkey Movement’ donating the stuffed animals to children in crisis.

The mission statement for Aly’s Monkey Movement is that she and those who support her effort pledge to continue to love, support and encourage children and their families all over the world. We stand strong in our mission to “Change the world, one monkey at time.”

“We absolutely loved interacting with our village throughout this journey,” said Aly’s mom, Kristy Creasy. “Watching them focus on something positive and grow together as a community with hope in our future generations was truly the best gift of all.”  


“We are delighted we had so many wonderful entrants and an outpouring of support for our kids in the fourth annual Phenomenal Kids Scholarship Contest,” said Bill Whalen, Executive Vice President of Dr. Oetker USA, LLC, the parent company of Ellio’s Pizza. “Aly is truly a phenomenal child and we’re proud to be able to donate to her college education and recognize a truly exceptional student making a positive impact in her community.” 


The second prize winner won a $2,500 gift card and a $100 Amazon gift card.  The eight runners-up received a $75 Amazon gift card and Ellio’s swag bags. The 2020 contest was open to residents of Pennsylvania, 18 additional states and the District of Columbia.


“We had such an impressive group of kids who submitted to the contest. We’re looking forward to many more contests to come where Ellio’s can celebrate our children and support our communities,” said Melissa Vesci, Brand Manager. “Aly is a dedicated student with a big heart and Ellio’s is happy to be able to give back to Aly and her family.” 


Every year, the Ellio’s Phenomenal Kids Scholarship Contest invites parents and legal guardians with children between the ages of 6 and 12 to write a brief character submission highlighting what makes their child phenomenal for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. For its 2020 contest, submissions were judged based on four pillars: Community Involvement, Passion with Purpose, Creativity and Academic Achievement. Entries had to be 300-1,000 characters per category.  


Ellio’s Pizza got its start in school cafeterias in the 1960s and has been a popular all-American brand for generations.  

To discover more about Aly’s charity, visit: https://alysmonkeys.org More about Ellio’s Pizza and this year’s winners can be found at: https://www.ellios.com/phenomenal-kids-winners-2020/