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Easter eggs glowed at The Beacon

By Staff | Apr 7, 2021

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Filling Easter eggs with candy and light sticks prior to a night hunt for the community’s children are (left-right): Megan Dincher, Jennifer Mellott, Shawn Budman, Susan Loftus and Lisa Runyan.

HUGHESVILLE-An after dark Easter egg hunt at The Beacon United Methodist Church was a new slant on a much awaited annual event. Eggs of many colors were stuffed with candies and a light stick aided scavengers in finding and filling baskets.

“I saw the idea last year on the internet and since we didn’t host a hunt last year due to the pandemic, we did it for our kids at the parsonage,” said mom Jennifer Mellett. Jennifer heads a couple of a multitude of outreaches sponsored by the congregation who furnished a huge amount of candy for the springtime event.

In attendance for preparations were Lisa Runyan, the facilitator of the church’s outreach who correlates with many other volunteers, the church’s multitude of Community Outreach programs.

As several volunteers sat around a table, they filled eggs, shook and broke in half light sticks before closing them. The eggs were put into containers to be scattered about the church and parsonage yards awaiting the children’s arrival at sunset.

Pastor Doug Mellett estimates more than 4,000 pieces of candies were donated to this latest effort. He also reminded us of the symbolism used in Christendom in that, “The egg’s yoke, white and shell represent the three parts of the Trinity. We’re lighting up Hughesville for the Lord showing the love of Christ with candy being an added bonus. We want to provide fun, exciting, extraordinary, out of the box  ideas, the pastor said.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary Stepping up to voice instructions to the multitudes who came to the first after dark Easter Egg hunt was Pastor Doug Mellott of The Beacon United Methodist Church in Hughesville.