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Redeemed Music Festival coming to Muncy in August

By Carol Sones Shelter - | Jun 1, 2021

photo submitted A collage of musicians in the line-up for the Redeemed Music Festival planned for August 20 on the grounds of Grace Baptist Church in Muncy.

MUNCY – Save the date for a summer event coming to the Grace Baptist Church grounds at 5471 Clarkstown Road, Muncy.

National and local singing artists presenting will be part of the Redeemed Music Festival Friday, August 20 on the 13-acre property donated by the church.

WGRC radio personality and Muncian, the Reverand Dave Jones, co-pastor of Watsontown Baptist Church, founded JMeg Ministries with wife Dottie, both of whom have for three years been making festival plans which were pushed back by the pandemic.

The music festival will highlight the work of JMeg Ministries, and also give opportunity for nonprofit and human service organizations to interact with persons with various needs. Such services are available locally with attendees able to interact with staff during the festival.

The line up for the concert will begin with performances by local artists Holly Mestach of Milton, John Messner, Danville and Jade and Randy Fisher of Mt. Pleasant Mills. Also singing will be Christian recording artists Tasha Layton and New-song. Layon, an American Idol alumni who had traveled as a background singer with Katy Perry. With Jones experience in radio, he has a unique opportunity to network with music artists.

The event will kickoff with a devotional shared by Pastor Mele of State College. Included on the grounds will be children’s activities and food trucks for dining.

While attendance is free, VIP tickets will reserve the holder front row seating, a T-shirt and “surprise items.” For fee and further information go to www.jmegministries.com. To support the event, JMeg Ministries have received and continue to accept donations from businesses and individuals wanting to sponsor an event with positive and encouraging messaging.

In anticipation of the upcoming event, Jones has been closely monitoring Covid where social distancing will be encouraged in accordance to stipulations to whatever it looks like come August. Should inclement weather occur, the event will be held indoors with ticket holders assured entrance.