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Disc Golf has courses established in the area

By Staff | Jun 22, 2021

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Randy Sees at his ‘Parked Disc Golf’ Store, offers items needed to play Disc Golf, a game rising in popularity in the area. The store is located at Route 405 and Penn Street, southern end of the Dunkin Donut strip mall.

MUNCY – Three months ago, March brought spring, decreases in the pandemic and folks wanting to get outside. March is also the month for the opening of ‘Parked Disc Golf,’ a store providing items for the game ‘Disc Golf.’ Randy Sees made a career change seizing the opportunity to set up shop at the southern end of the Dunkin Donut strip mall on Penn Street off Route 405 near Muncy.

According to Sees, Disc Golf came into popularity during the 1970s and credits it’s beginning to Swedish and Finnish athletes. The game takes more than just brawn, it also has aspects of calculation. Sees shared that, “For the past 15 years, I have been playing off and on. Unable to find a local outlet to provide game items, I decided to establish one. I prefer hands on purchases, feeling the weight of the disc and so on.”

A game for all ages, Sees said, “The vast majority of those trying it stay with it.” He continued by listing public areas having courses. They include White Deer Golf Park with nine baskets, or holes for play. Near Hughesville, Lime Bluff Park has 18 holes as does Montoursville’s Indian Park, designed and laid out by Tom Smith and others.

At Lime Bluff, the disc golfers group aptly named “Wind Wizards” gather twice weekly, early Monday and Wednesday evenings. Part of the team is Tom Smith Montoursville, who categorizes himself as being in the advance bracket, along with fellow players Skip Hummel, Eric Springer and Ryan Metzger. All the forenamed had been the enthusiastic force behind bringing two sanctioned Pro Disc Golf Association (PDGA) tournaments to Lime Bluff Park. The second tournament occurred last Saturday, June 19, with 80 competitors registered from states as far away as New York and South Carolina.

Explained by store owner Sees, “Players can be in groups and competitive, or individual setting one’s own levels of challenge. Getting the disc in the basket with as few tries as possible is the goal. With that can be variables such as wind, trees, rain; rather the disc falls on wet ground or among weeds, are some of the hurdles.”

Those establishing courses are sensitive in finding underused areas, keeping them scenic with little footprint on the landscape. Other than placing baskets on the ground, play equipment is brought by the golfer including discs carried in backpacks. Touted as a game one can learn to play in an afternoon may be an enticement to the seeking exercise set to one’s own pace.