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The Montgomerys ‘do corn’

By Carol Sones Shelter - | Aug 25, 2021

PHOTO SUBMITTED Montgomery family recently had a family get together at their cabin home in Muncy.

It was a magical weekend when the Ronald “Bud” Montgomery family recently had a family get together at their cabin home near Muncy. Bud, a proud member of the Hughesville High School academic hall of fame, and his wife Eileen (the former Eileen Hall), hosted daughters, Jodi Davis (Wilmington, N.C.) and Jill Berrong (Durham, N.C.), along with their only son, Scott and daughter-in-law, Kelly (Monrovia, Md.) for a joyous weekend together. After meeting in Maryland, the siblings traveled north and made stops along the way in picturesque Perdix and several convenience stores, which was necessitated by early onset lumbago.

A major highlight of the weekend was “doing corn” Saturday morning. While the eldest sibling, Jodi had processed corn years earlier, Scott and Jill enjoyed participating for the first time. From husking, to boiling, to scraping and bagging, the family laughed and spent quality time together, all while being covered in corn.

The siblings then took a stroll down memory lane and pulled out their vintage toys. They meticulously cleaned and set up seven different play-sets to create an entire neighborhood tableau. Bud and Eileen were enraptured by the creativity of their children’s efforts. Jodi, Scott and Jill were filled with pride at their parent’s approval, which, ever so briefly, recaptured the innocence of their childhood.

Best of all, the family discovered several long-lost scripts from skits from performances they had originally participated in during the 1970s and 80s at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Utica, Md. Family members did a rousing read through of the two scripts, titled “Teddy Tullivan” (a spoof on Ed Sullivan) and “Boob & Straight”. The night air was filled with echoing laughter as the hilarity ensued.

As the siblings drove into town for a family lunch before leaving Pennsylvania, they were mesmerized by a doe and her two fawns crossing the road. The North Carolinian sisters, who rarely, if ever, see deer in the wild, were simply enchanted. A very thrilling way to end the visit. From start to finish, the family declared this the best weekend ever.