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Parachutists will deliver game ball to stadium

By Staff | Sep 10, 2013

Everyone will be cheering when parachutists dive from the sky bringing game ball and flag to Schaefer stadium.

HUGHESVILLE – At football games, it can sometimes be difficult for players and spectators to keep their eye on the ball. There will be no problem of that during the pre-game ceremony during this Friday night’s football game.

Arriving over Schaefer stadium and at 3000 feet, two parachutists will jump from a plane and perform an aerobatic routine called by an announcer on the ground. One jumper will carry the game ball and when reaching 1800 feet, the other will unfurl a 30 by 60 foot American flag. “From that height, it takes 77 seconds to hit the ground, the exact amount of time required for the Spartan Band to complete the National Anthem,” said Mr. Pawlik, ELSD Superintendent.

The pageantry is planned as an announcement of those giving substantial donations to the East Lycoming Education Foundation. One of those lauded will be Michael Houseknecht who shared his reason for aiding the cause. “I’m impressed by Mr. Pawlik and the people around him who are working on the education foundation. They have a lot of good ideas and need financial help to implement them. I have the opportunity to do that and see it as an obligation if able,” the Best Line Leasing founder said.

“I know it will give children more opportunities to succeed. I wanted to help move the foundation forward.” Growing up in the vicinity of Unityville, the 1969 Hughesville High School graduate said, “There’s a lot of hard working people in that area. We live in a country where, if we work hard, we can do whatever we want. The great influx coming from other countries proves there’s something good about it here.”

To see this extra special attraction, be at the stadium by 6:45 p.m., look skyward, and keep your eye on the ball.