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Soccer Round-up

By Staff | Oct 14, 2014

RUTH FRY/The Luminary In the first half of the game, Montgomery goalie, Aaron Wise, (left), makes a save after a kick by Muncy's Derek Sellers, (right).

Montgomery 4, Muncy 0

Brandon Snyder scored two goals as Montgomery defeated Muncy 4-0. Thomas Goetz and Jacob Umpstead each had goals of their own both assisted by Andrew Wise.

Goals: Montgomery: Brandon Snyder (Cameron St. James), 42nd; Thomas Goetz (Aaron Wise), 64th; Snyder (Dan Jamison) 71st; Jacob Umpstead (Andrew Wise), 78th. Shots: Mo 16, Mu 5. Corners: Mo 8, Mu 6. Saves: Mo 5 (Andrew Wise 1, Jamill Hines 4), Mu 11 (Austin Stipcak 11)

Montgomery 6, St. John Neumann 3

Montgomery defeated St. John Neumann, 6-3. The Red Raiders were led by Thomas Geotz and Brandon Snyder, each of which scored two goals. Jacob Umpstead had one goal and four assists for Montgomery.

M-Brandon Snyder (Jacob Umpstead), 1:00. M-Umpstead (penalty kick), 10:00. M-Thomas Goetz (Umpstead), 32:00. SJN-Anthony Pasnello (penalty kick), 55:00. M-Goetz (Umpstead), 58:00. SJN-Pasnello (Isaac Beiter), 61:00. SJN-Beiter (Otis Anderson), 64:00. M-Carter Smith, 79:00. M-Snyder (Umpstead), 79:00. Shots: SJN 7, M 13. Corners: SJN 4, M 4. Saves: SJN (Andrew Roman) 7, M (Jamill Hines) 5.

S. Wmspt. 4, Montgomery 1

Thomas Goetz scored the lone goal for the Red Raiders in their loss to the Mounties, 4-1.

SW – Donovan Killian (Sean Kurtz) 11; SW- Logan Wein 15; M – Thomas Goetz 33; SW – Wein 46; SW- Killian (Wein) 47; Shots: SW 21, M 10. Corner kicks: SW 2, M 5. Saves: SW (Sage Schafer) 9, M (Hines) 16

Benton 2, Muncy 0

Muncy fell 2-0 to Benton last week. Austin Stipcack had five saves for the Indians.

Goals: B- Cullin McDonald, 9:10; Tyler Puterbaugh, 20:10. Shots: B- 4, M- 6. Corners: B- 0, M- 1 Saves: B- 4 (Watson), M- 5 (Austin Stipcack)

Bloomsburg 7, Hughesville 3

Bloomsburg defeated Hughesville 7-3. Trent Wilcock had a goal and an assist for Hughesville while Jake Beamer made eight saves.

Goals: Bloomsburg: John Nixon (Joe Zimmerman), 28th; Nixon (UA), 25th; Lance Klingler (Nixon), 34th; Klingler (UA), 34th; Nixon (Harman), 56th; Klingler (UA), 58th; Cade Harmon (UA), 79th. Hughesville: Rylan Hicks (Trent Wilcock), 30th; Ian Huffnagel (Wilcock), 50th; Matt Swales (Joe Leggieri), 76th. Shots: B 15; H 11. Corners: B 7; H 1. Saves: B 8 (Liam Glowaski 8); H 8 (Jake Beamer 8).

Hughesville 4, Muncy 2

Matt Swales scored two goals for the Spartans while Ian Huffnagel and Rylan Hicks each had one of their own as Hughesville defeated rival Muncy, 4-2. Derek Sellers scored both goals for the Indians. Brendan Weaver made three saves for the Spartans, and Chris Ross had four for the Indians.

H-Matt Swales, 4:09. M-Derek Sellers, 8:23. M-Sellers (penalty kick), 11:33. H-Swales, 16:13. H-Ian Huffnagel (penalty kick), 27:00. H-Rylan Hicks (Trent Woolcock), 66:23. Shots: M 10, H 19. Corners: M 0, H 5. Saves: M (Chris Ross 4, Austin Stipcak 0) 4, H (Brenndan Weaver) 3.