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Monster Dash Award Winners

By Staff | Nov 13, 2014

Over 300 runners participated in this year's Monster Dash held at Myers Elementary School last month. Another run is being planned for New Year's Eve.

Overall Female – Chrissy Sanders

14 and under: Alainya Sherwood, Lauren Anderson, and Izzy Gush; 15-19: Quyn Berry, Raven Kireski, and Alexis Temple; 20-29: Carla Whitaker, Rae-Ellah Biddle, and Katie Wheatley; 30-39: Amy McCoy, Lisa Satteson, and Aimee Reed; 40-49: Robert Pertaman, Angela Emerick, Kristy Rosario; 50-59: Lis Maneval, Crystal Whitaker, and Pamela Rearick; 60-plus: Cathy Prowant, Sandy Satteson, and Linda Stein.

Overall Male – Steve Templin

14 and under: Gable Strickland, Austin Lewis, and Branson Eyer; 15-19: Noah Gush, Nnick Shuda, and Chris Ross; 20-29: Stephen Mederos, Brandon Baysore, and Dalton Schooh; 30-39: Scott Lewis, Royce Eyer, and Ron White; 40-49: Brad Wertz, Jamie Sanders, and Andrew Ort; 50-59: Mick Maneval, Duane Heverly, John Mihalick; 60-plus: Terry Larson, Robert Ort, and Ron Arthur.