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LCUW Short by $228,000

By Staff | Dec 23, 2008

The Lycoming County United Way (LCUW) Annual Campaign is making progress thanks to its thousands of loyal and generous donors.

“We are fortunate to have many devoted supporters that have increased their contributions in response to what has been an exceptionally challenging year,” said LCUW executive director Scott N. Lowery. “During the past two weeks, we have seen an increase in both contributions received and verbal pledge commitments that includes many first-time donors. Counting those commitments plus expected (additional) pledges from consistent donors, the campaign projects a total of $1,271,760 at closure. This is still more than $200,000 short of our community’s $1.5 million need. Our volunteers will continue to follow-up with potential donors to make every possible effort to minimize the shortfall we are facing.”

“This year has been like no other and we are very appreciative of the community’s support,” said Michael W. Bush, Lycoming County United Way 2008 campaign chair. “It is a testament to the residents and business owners of Lycoming County that so many people here are willing to pitch in to help our neighbors during these difficult financial times.”

LCUW officials are proud to point out that 97 percent of funds raised stay in Lycoming County.

“I’ve been with United Way for 14 years and I’m seeing donations come in ways we’ve never seen before,” said Lowery. “One day last week we received a $100 bill in the mail from an anonymous donor. Another anonymous donor wrapped two single dollar bills in a tissue and mailed it to us. Yet another donor sent us a large coffee tub full of pennies-more than $50-worth. We received donations from a bowling league and several individuals are making contributions in lieu of holiday gifts to others. It is truly heart-warming the lengths the kind-hearted people of this community will go to help one another. Whatever they could spare, these folks have pitched in.”

United Way provides funding for more than 40 programs in Lycoming County that meet the community’s most critical needs nurturing children, caring for people in crisis, strengthening families, supporting seniors, and serving those with special needs.

“When you choose to support Lycoming County United Way, you don’t have to choose who to help because your donation helps meet these needs and many more,” explained Lowery.

“LCUW has a solid network of dedicated and experienced volunteers who are working diligently on this campaign. They believe in these programs and don’t want to see them lose funding or have to reduce services. Every additional dollar we can raise will enable that reality to be lessened,” concluded Bush.

To make a contribution or for more information, contact Lycoming County United Way, 1225 Clayton Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701, or call 323-9448.