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By Staff | Dec 23, 2008

Dear Editor,

My heart filled with pride and joy as I read last week’s back page article on Hughesville’s Brian Richards.

Writing for The Luminary the past 10 years, I’d reported on Brian as well as many other talented youngsters around our local halls of education.

Interested in both music and history, I consider Brian a kindred spirit. Being a product of my alma mater added even more to the “wow” factor.

As president of the East Lycoming Historical Society (ELHS), I so look forward to learning about those of the younger generations interest and participation in history, local or otherwise.

We look forward to Brian possibly returning to present a program for ELHS. Reading of his experiences was a good thing-hearing first hand about them would be fantastic. So, how about coming and pitching it to us?

Congratulations to his extended family for their positive influence and providing opportunities.

To all others who coached Brian to hit this home run, thank you. It indeed takes a community to raise responsible adults. We wish all young people well as they go to far away places representing our great area.

Carol Sones Shetler

ELHS president