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Kindergarteners get a personal visit

By Staff | Aug 25, 2009

MUNCY – Each year before school begins, every new child entering the kindergarden will get a personal visit from their teacher and a school administrator according to Dr. Portia Brandt, superintendent of Muncy School District.

“We personally visit each incoming kindergarden student at home with their teacher,” said Dr. Brandt. A visit is scheduled in advance by invitation to go to every child’s home and welcome them to school for their very first time. “This is rare, not too many school districts take the time to do this,” commented Dr. Brandt.

Each child receives four children’s books sponsored by the OPT (organization by parents and teachers) when they first meet them said Dr. Brandt. “We make a connection before the child gets to school. It is the best thing for these kids. We like to make them feel special,” she adds.

There are four kindergarden classes in the district averaging about twenty two students per class. Therefore about eighty to ninety families received a personal visit. “We averaged about eight a day,” said Rae Pitchford, a kindergarten teacher for the district.

There was an open house scheduled on Thursday, August 20 for the incoming kindergarden students at the elementary school.

Dr. Brandt has about 160 staff members this year within the district.