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High School Senior Chosen To Play the Army Bowl Game

By Staff | Dec 15, 2009

HUGHESVILLE – January 5 is going to be a very special day for Kate Anderson, a senior at Hughesville High School. For she has been chosen to play at the All-American US Army Bowl Game at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas. “This is a real honor for her,” said Mark Boyer, band director at the High School and the one who encouraged Kate to submit an audition video last November, 2008. “She is a stand-out all star performer,” added Boyer. The big day for the game is Saturday, January 9 at 8:30 a.m.

In January of 2009, Kate submitted her application and a video of herself doing three performances, the alto saxophone, the tenor saxophone and drum major. “The tenor sax is what got me in,” she said. She chose a solo, a classical piece and a jazz piece. Also on the video was a self interview on why she wanted to perform at the Bowl Game. As it turns out, Kate is not the only one in the family who is musically talented. She grew up surrounded by music. Her parents, Marie and Robert Anderson are also talented musicians. Her mother plays the clarinet, her father plays piano and her sister is choral assistant at Lycoming College. Kate started playing the piano at a very early age and progressed to the brass instruments in fifth grade after easily grasping the world of understanding and reading music.

Kate Anderson was chosen nationally among thousands and thousands of other high school seniors across the country who submitted applications. She will be among 97 youth performing at this major event organized through the Music Educators National Conference which is part of the National Music Education Association.

“I am putting in about 20 hours a week practicing for this event,” said Kate. “I have certain songs that I have to memorize for my instrument. The tenor sax which is what got me in,” she said. “There will be four of us playing this particular instrument,” she explained as she rehearsed a sample medley from Aaron Copland’s ‘Hoedown’. Other medleys that she will play will be the Buffalo Stampede and Stand Up and Be Strong.’ These songs are part of the opening and closing ceremony during the half time break.

The Jupiter Instrument Company, a cosponsor for the event will be supplying her instrument for the performance and the Demoulin Uniform Company, another sponsor, will be giving the uniforms to the seniors to use for the marching band according to Boyer. Everything will be taken care of for her through all of the sponsors and organizers of the Bowl Game Boyer said.

Kate first heard about her good fortune last July through an e-mail, then a formal letter was sent to her home and to the High School. She was chosen among 500 school districts just in Pennsylvania. “It was awesome,” she said. “I screamed “I’m going to Texas,’ she added and told everyone in her family right away. She was home packing to go to governor’s school at the time and couldn’t wait to share the news with Mr. Boyer, but he had already received the news at the same time Anderson did.

Kate and her family will be leaving with her on January 5. They plan on driving to Baltimore to stay with a family member and then leave from the airport to head for Texas. “My parents and brother, Clayton, are going to take a vacation, but it will be all work for me,” she said as she will be practicing each day before the big game in order to learn the show. “I can’t wait, This will be my first plane ride,” she explained heartily. “We got our tickets right away.”

Anderson is planning on majoring in music performance after graduation and has applied to Mansfield, Penn State and Michigan State. Other outstanding awards include all State Wind Ensemble First Chair in 2008 and All State Jazz in alto sax. She also earned a seat in the All State Band in tenor. ” I like playing jazz the best,” she stated. Anderson also takes private lessons from professional musicians, Dick Adams and Mark Burke.