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Staff members at East Lycoming Learn C?PR

By Staff | Jan 28, 2010

Participants watch Steve Budman demonstrate how to operate an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Pictured with Budman; left to right, are Shelly Eddy, Pam Lamb, Rhonda Minier, Pam Fry, Effie Bitler, Cindy Benedict, Valerie Arthur, and Nicole Hill.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Training was held on Monday, January 18th, in the Hughesville High School Gymnasium for employees of the East Lycoming School District. Steve Budman, CPR Instructor & Physical Education teacher instructed the adults on Adult CPR & Child CPR skills. Throughout the morning session, stations were utilized to demonstrate and check for understanding of the proper techniques and steps necessary to render assistance to an adult or child in need.

No matter what type of situation or emergency, all participants were taught to always check the scene to see if it was safe to approach. Specific steps are always followed each time. Budman emphasized the importance of calling 911. If no cell phone is present, or there is no coverage for the cell phone, it is imperative to find a house and call 911. The first priority is always to get the first responders to the scene as fast as possible. Minutes can make a difference. Many cardiovascular problems, choking incidents, and other medical emergencies occur at a person’s home, or at public places of recreation. Awareness, and knowledge can help the instinct to panic in an emergency situation, even if you are not certified in CPR.

To learn about CPR Training, contact the American Red Cross at www.redcross.org

The Red Cross Chapter for this area is The Northcentral Pennsylvania Chapter, located at 320 E. Third Street, Williamsport, Pa. Becoming knowledgeable and confident during emergency situations, volunteering, or donating your time are just some of the ways we can help others in our community.