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Hearts For Haiti

By Staff | Feb 2, 2010

MUNCY – Fourth grade Muncy teacher, Lauren Bush, had trouble sleeping one night in January shortly after the earthquake hit Haiti, for she kept thinking of ways to help the disadvantaged from the tragedy. “I know that money was needed but I couldn’t help but think of something more tangible we could do that would be more befitting,” said Ms. Bush. “The students and I would talk about the mishaps of Haiti in the classroom, and the kids were really curious about where it was. They followed the disaster on the news and we held class discussions.”

Pretty soon maps were brought in and lessons were given on the background of the country.

Bush then came up with the idea of using pledge sheets and sent a letter home to all the parents in the elementary school stating that the fourth grade class at Myers Elementary school created a “Hearts for Haiti” project. “Finally the idea with the hearts and Valentine’s Day seemed like a perfect fit,” explained Ms. Bush.

All those who make a monetary pledge will receive a thank you heart magnet uniquely designed by one of the fourth grade students. The fourth grade Haiti Committee set a goal of $2,500 and will be collecting pledges until February 11.

The committee consists of 18 students who volunteered to work on the project together since January 14 during a certain time in their school day.

All of the donations will be sent to the ELCA Disaster Response, an organization that will send 100 percent of its donations to Haiti according to Bush who has participated in mission trips through the organization.

Before the pledge sheets went home, the students made a short documentary about Haiti and how the earthquake destroyed thousands of lives. The video can be seen on their website at www.muncysd.org

Fourth grader, Alena Porter said that they deserve our help. “I think it is disastrous because it affects so many lives. Everything useful to them in life is destroyed,” she said as she completed her twentieth heart.

Aidan Smith said he liked putting his first name on the side of the heart and ‘Help Haiti’ on the front side of his heart magnets. “I write it first in pencil, then color my heart with a red Sharpie,” he said.

So far the students have raised $400 and made 300 hearts.