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Trees Are Terrific

By Staff | May 4, 2010

Fifth grade students at Myers Elementary School in Muncy celebrated Arbor Day with a program from the Muncy Shade Tree Commission. Muncy was designated as a Certified Tree City USA for 4 consecutive years.

MUNCY – All fifth grade classes at Myers Elementary School in Muncy learned how trees can value and enhance their community when Shade Tree Commissioners Elaine Hacker and Alicia Myers visited the students on Friday morning.

“We are proud to announce that Muncy has been re-certified as a Tree City USA for the fourth consecutive year,” they announced. As a project for Arbor Day, the fifth grade students were asked to design a poster on the theme “Trees are terrific and energy wise.” Winners were picked by the Shade Tree Commission and awards were given for first, second and third place winners.

Aliyah Bendas won first prize, Sam Pepper, second prize winner, and Sarah Schaech received a prize for third place. Mackenzie Frederick and Alivia Artley received an honorable mention for their posters. All winners were given certificates for their upcoming book fair.

Elaine Hacker, a retired fifth grade teacher at Myers, spoke to the students about the economic aspects of the trees. Trees provide shade especially in high heat areas. “They can have a cooling effect for large neighborhoods,” she said. Trees are good to help control air pollution and dust, and they can increase a home’s value. Hacker explained to the youth how she planted a sugar maple tree 30 years ago on her property and how it has been an added benefit for her and her family. “It blocks undesirable views, cuts down on noise levels and I love to hear the sound of birds chirping. Trees give the birds a nice home,” said Hacker.

“Go out and buy a tree,” the women encouraged. “It makes a nice gift to give for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and you can celebrate memories for years to come,” they said as they told the kids how difficult it was to judge their posters.

“Trees can be enjoyed all year long, from spring to fall,” added Myers as she explained about her experiences with trees to the group.

The Muncy Shade Tree Commission is responsible for maintaining and pruning the trees they planted since its inception by the Borough Council in 2006. “We identify hazardous trees that are in danger of falling or have broken limbs,” said Myers. The commission planted over 200 trees so far, and removed hazardous trees this year in the higher populated areas of Muncy that have playground areas.

Each year new trees are planted in Muncy that are donated from local businesses and community members. Several were planted along N. Market Street and two sequoia trees were planted on the corner of S. Washington and Quarry Road. “Sequoia trees make a nice shade tree and are very hearty when established,” said Nella Storm, Shade Tree Commissioner who also helped to judge the fifth grade posters.

“We receive no money from taxpayers for the trees we plant,” said Storm. Trees for the Muncy Shade Tree Commission are donated from Gary’s Furniture, Muncy Bank and Trust, Andritz, and community members.

April 24 is National Arbor Day and this year, Mayor Ed Dannemann proclaimed Friday, April 30 as a special day to be set aside for planting trees according to Myers as she read the mayor’s proclamation to the children and showed them his official seal.

“Trees are a renewable resource, they beautify our community, provide a habitat for wildlife and provide us with a spiritual renewal,” proclaimed the mayor to the fifth grade classes.