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Ashkar Students participate in “Caught Reading” Program

By Staff | Nov 30, 2010

Pictured is Mrs. Suzanne Foresman, Ashkar Principal, left, and Mrs. Jo Shurer, Ashkar Librarian passing out McDonalds Gift Certificates to students during the Ashkar Star Book Bingo on November 22nd.

Students at Ashkar Elementary in Hughesville who were “Caught Reading” for 15 minutes at home had opportunities throughout November to win books from the Ashkar Librarian, Mrs. Jo Shurer. Mrs. Shurer, at the beginning of the school year to encourage independent reading at home, initiated a reading incentive program called “Caught Reading”. The program will continue throughout the school year and will be supported by the Ashkar PTA.

On November 22nd, a second chance drawing was held during the Ashkar Star Book Bingo in the Ashkar Gymnasium. Students whose entries were pulled were awarded McDonalds gift certificates for hamburgers from the Ashkar Principal, Suzanne Foresman, and the Ashkar Librarian, Mrs. Shurer several times throughout the event.

The pre- Thanksgiving Ashkar Star Book Bingo idea came from a Principal’s Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting held over the summer. Faculty representatives meet with Principal Foresman on a regular basis throughout the year. The Book Bingo was a forum to distribute a free book to every child at Ashkar in grades K-6. The books were received from FB’s Target- Read With Me Initiative, Brodart Books, and the Ashkar PTA. The program” Caught Reading” both inspires and rewards students to continue to read on their own outside the school environment. At the conclusion of the Book Bingo, Mrs. Shurer encouraged all students to participate in the upcoming month of December’s “Caught Reading” Program.