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Ashkar Third Grade Students Show Their Wikispace Topics

By Staff | Mar 2, 2011

Pictured are some of the third grade students in Mrs. Olshefskie’s class with their individual Wikispace project standing in front of the classroom smart board.

At the Ashkar Elementary School in Hughesville, third grade students in Mrs. Melissa Olshefskie’s class created Wikispaces for Black History Month. Wikispaces are simple web pages that you can work on by yourself, with friends, or family members. The students learned from Mrs. Olshefskie how to embed pictures, links, and even videos about their chosen topics. Examples include: Little Rock Nine, Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, John Coltrane, and even a Guess Who page with surveys. A third grade student remarked, ” It was fun because people in different grades can learn about other people who made a difference in our world.”

To start the project, the students worked either with a partner, or in a small group. The third grade comprehension strategy was Facts & Opinions. Students learned to pull interesting facts as they researched information. ” I liked it a lot. You get to research about people, and that makes me happy,” said another student.

On February 28, during the morning and afternoon, visitors from other classes in the school were invited to come and view the presentations that were projected using the smart board. The students were excited about showing their wikispace projects to the younger students.

Students will be interacting through the online discussion toolbar as a follow up activity. To check out the Wikispaces that the students created, go to www.ashkarstars2.wikispaces.com.