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Muncy elementary school shares an evening with graduate students

By Staff | Apr 21, 2011

Graduate students from Bloomsburg University earning certificates for reading specialists came to Myers Elementary school Weds. night to read to pre-schoolers. Using props, music and sound effects above, the children are engaged in the story "Run, run as fast as you can..."

MUNCY – Hosted by Superintendent Dr. Portia Brandt at Ward L. Myers Elementary School last Wednesday evening, graduate students from Bloomsburg Unitersity planned an hour of reading fun and activities for the pre-schooler. Both parents and children received free books and tips for reading. “This opportunity gave some ‘soon-to-be’ kindergarteners a chance to become familiar with the elementary building they will be attending,” said Dr. Brandt.

The program was set up as a field study experience for 32 graduate students who are working towards their masters degree in education and a reading specialist certification. Dr. Brandt, their instructor, had them plan some interactive activities for both parents and children focused on reading. During the program, the strategies used were reviewed, and activities emphasized were those that interacted with both parents and child.

The grad students explained to the parents that reading aloud to a child every day is important, because it will foster their imagination, increase their vocabulary, improve memory and use of linguistic skills, plus gain a knowledge of their outside world.

During a phonics activity, Brian Walker a graduate student from Danville said, “With these activities parents can practice at home with their kids for letter recognition and initial sounds, helping their kids recite and sound the words as they learn.”

Children were divided into groups and rotated to three different stories characterized and read by the grads. Some of the interactive activities included I Spy, Match It, Letter collage and using magnetic letters to make words. After reading, questions and evaluations were asked, and helpful reading strategies and valuable websites to use at home were also given.

About 16 children, ages 4 to 6, attended with their parents.