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Pucker UP!

By Staff | Feb 14, 2012

Third grade teacher, Robin Curl, won first place in the 'Kiss the Pig' fundraiser contest held for Hannah Freezer at Myers Elementary School. Wayne Wagner from Muncy is holding the piglet which came from his farm for the school event.

MUNCY – What’s it like to kiss a pig? Just ask Robin Curl, third grade teacher at Ward Myers Elementary School in Muncy who won the school’s Kiss the Pig Contest. Student Council and Guidance Counselors, Jean Daniels and Heather Diel arranged to have a two week fundraiser to see how much money could be raised to support a fourth grade student, Hannah Freezer, combat the disease of leukemia.

The idea for the fundraiser was developed by teacher, Chris Geiger, and soon all grades and 20 teachers volunteered to be candidates for the contest.

Twenty cans were lined up in the main lobby and each day the students would put money in them for whom they wanted to kiss the pig. As the excitement surmounted throughout the contest, the end result far surpassed their anticipation when they realized that over two thousand dollars was raised for the cause.

“The teachers are really getting into this,” said Diehl. “They want to see other teachers kiss the pig.”

A special assembly was arranged Friday afternoon to present a check for $2,239.00 to Hannah and her family, and to announce the top four winners. Following first place to Curl was fourth grade teacher, Neal Sheptock followed by a tie for third place between Mr. Woody Fry, fifth grade teacher and principal, Bill Ramsey. Hannah was joined by her family and close friends during the check presentation, and student council members were honored. Hannah received a special stuffed pig of her own to hold. “This was a special day for positive students at Myers,” said Bill Ramsey, Principal who handed Hannah her special pig.

Fourth grade student, Hannah Freezer, center, and her family received a check for $2,239 on Friday afternoon at Myers Elementary School to help her battle leukemia. The funds were raised by students and teachers during a two week 'Kiss the Pig Contest' where students voted with money to see which teacher would get the most votes to Kiss the Pig!

The live piglet was born January 22 and came from the farm of Wayne and Doris Wagner (Mr. Fry’s sister) from Muncy. “At first we wanted to bring in a boar, but it would be hard to transport an animal weighing 650 pounds,” said Fry, so the piglet was the next best choice.

That afternoon for Hannah, an additional $100 was raised to see if Mr. Williams, a fourth grade teacher, would kiss the pig. He approached the stage to the jeering crowd and plastered a big, fat, red kiss on the little pig’s lips.

According to the guidance counselors, fundraising efforts began January 27 with a Spirit Day Hats for Hannah. Student Council members also sold ‘lolli-grams’ to raise extra funds so that Hannah can attend Camp Dost in Danville, a special camp through the Ronald McDonald House that provides a normal camping experience for children with cancer and their siblings.

Last year student council at Myers raised Pennies for Patients, a fundraiser organized through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It is now being done in the high school where the students are collecting their spare change over a three week period to donate towards the cause.

“District wide the school is raising money,” added Daniels “as a focus for this month. The families and kids have been very generous. It was very impressive.”

After the assembly and an all star academic student awards presentation, the classes were dismissed to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their classrooms before ending the school day.