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Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

By Staff | Apr 3, 2012

Pictured are first grade students in Mary Smith’s class posing in front of their classroom display of written stories about kites.

At Ferrell Elementary School in Picture Rocks, first grade students in Mary Smith’s class are “flying” into spring with kite -themed poetry and how to fly a kite informative writings.

This activity coincides with the annual observance of National Poetry Month, which is celebrated in April. Various activities throughout the month foster an increased awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States.

The arrival of the first grade kite display by Smith heralds the beginning of outdoor events for kindergarten through sixth grade students, and the anticipated Ferrell Kite Day. On the lawn in front of the school, all students will have the opportunity to master the art of flying a kite. And if anyone at school is feeling a bit rusty since last spring, or needs a bit of motivation; the first grade kite poems and kite compositions will be the ticket to instruct or inspire anyone, young or old to the joy of flying a kite.

Flyin High

Flyin’ High by Lauren- This is how to fly a kite. First I build a kite. Next, I get some string. Then I run very fast! Then I leave string out. Last it soars into the sky. I love flying my kite.

Flyin’ High by Lucas- This is how to fly a kite. First I will build it. Next I will run outside. Then I let the string out. Last the kite flies. You should try it!

Kite poem by Jacob- I have a kite. It does not bite. It is white. My kite goes out of sight. It might fight.

Kite poem by Carmen- I have a kite. It might fly out of sight. Even it is afraid of height! It might fly right. I love my kite!