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Stamp designs created at Ferrell to be displayed at Post Office

By Staff | Apr 10, 2012

'Design-A-Stamp' participants are pictured with fifth grade teacher, Patrick Fortin as they show colorful stamp designs that will be displayed at the Picture Rocks Post Office later this month.

PICTURE ROCKS – Five years ago, Ferrell Elementary fifth grade teacher, Patrick Fortin, and Picture Rocks postmaster, Jane Lucas began collaborating on a project. Each year Lucas has issued a stamp-design challenge to the fifth grade students in Fortin’s class. The 2012 challenge was to create a stamp from a favorite person, or subject that the students enjoyed learning about at Ferrell. Instructions were given to design their artistic drawing on the front to look like a stamp, and to include a small descriptive paragraph on the back about their chosen topic. All completed entries are to be delivered to the Picture Rocks Post Office by the middle of April.

All stamp designs will be displayed in the post office to give the community an opportunity to view the student’s stamp designs. A panel of judges, some who are retired teachers, will then select a winner. The winner will receive a framed stamp series, and a gift certificate. This collaboration has been very rewarding for everyone involved.

Fortin remarked, “Our fifth grade class would like to thank Mrs. Lucas for inviting us to participate in the ‘Design-A-Stamp’ challenge again this year. The children really got into this project, as it was fun and research-based.” This year’s entries turned out to be quite impressive. The whole process has been wonderful according to Fortin. “It is a great bonding experience between our school and community. We hope to continue this relationship with our favorite postmaster and the residents of Picture Rocks.”

There are many interesting facts about stamps, including the following: the first stamp issued in the United States featured the first U.S. postmasters, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. In 1869, the first Pictorial Issues stamps featured important U.S. historical events and subjects. Collecting stamps started almost as soon as the first stamps were sold, with children and teenagers being among the first to enjoy collecting stamps. Today stamp collecting is still one of the most favorite indoor hobbies appealing to all ages.

The fifth grade students at Ferrell Elementary School in Picture Rocks have had the opportunity to learn more about the history of stamps, and view various stamps with unique designs. Involved in the designing of one of their own stamps, the students have been able to make a connection to what they are learning about in their classroom to the real world, and to have the chance to interact with their community postmaster.