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Ashkar Pre-K’s “moo”-ving experience

By Staff | Apr 24, 2012

Ashkar AM and PM Pre-K students had the opportunity to learn about farm animals and farm produce during Farm Week. Pictured are AM Pre-K students.

HUGHESVILLE – The latest “moo’s”letter from Stacey Puterbaugh and Denise Snyder’s Pre-K classroom at Ashkar Elementary in Hughesville contained an open invitation to families and administration to attend the annual “A Day on the Farm”. The event was held on Friday, April 20 at Ashkar. This is the third year that Puterbaugh has organized the event, which is a culminating activity after a weeklong unit on farms. “It’s a very hands-on opportunity for children to experience agriculture in their society,” said Puterbaugh.

Some activities included making butter using a jar, a demonstration illustrating how much milk a cow can produce in a day, a simulation of the milking process using rubber gloves, and transforming the classroom dramatic play area into a produce stand. Pre-planted root vegetables, straw bales, wheel-barrels, and play farm animals added to the stand’s authenticity. Both AM and PM Pre-K sessions took care of real ducklings and chicks during the week prior to the event.

An alumni parent brought in a pony, and a calf. A goat represented donations from two different farms. Refreshments were farm-themed, such as “chick feed” snacks and milk.

Puterbaugh remarked she looks forward to the excitement. “Their faces just light up when they get to feed the calf.” The random pieces of straw that appeared on the sidewalk leading up to the Ashkar front door alerted all students, staff, and parents to the arrival of Farm Week.