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Live sports broadcasts stream from Hughesville High School

By Staff | Jan 29, 2013

Superintendent Mike Pawlik (far right) and Principal Ron Lorson congratulate the anchors of the Hughesville High School live broadcast.

HUGHESVILLE – The anchorman’s voice is deep and rich with character and excitement, the video is crisp and clear, with sophisticated transitions and slick production, is this ESPN? No, this is Hughesville High School’s Video production club’s live streaming sports webcast, now with anchor commentary and color.

The Anchorman’s chairs are filled by Sam Yeager and Kyle Bomboy, Hughesville High School seniors, who are both members of the school’s new video production club. This new enterprise is being led by Steve Renn, a new high school teacher and Adam Creasy, the East Lycoming school district’s technology coordinator.

Two events, one wrestling match and one varsity basketball game, are now recorded and available through East Lycoming School District’s web site at www.Eastlycoming.net. These events were originally live streamed through the school’s new video webcasting technology, and now they are available in recorded full length format. In the fall, the video club produced several football games in a single camera format, which are still available online. With the advent of the winter sports season, the team has added a new level of sophistication and professional polish by introducing live commentary and multilevel cameras.

Student producer Jay Hiller credits the efforts of his mentors as well as the superior quality of the equipment that the school has recently acquired through grants. “NewTek has an amazing product that works very well and they support their equipment,” Hilner said referring to his recent trip to develop his skills with the All-American football program and NewTek.

Senior cameraman Blake Marks described the process and equipment as a unique learning opportunity. He credits his teammates with making the effort both fun and interesting. “We have several people volunteering their time as camera operators to make this a great production. I hope that people take advantage of this great resource to enjoy our sporting events.”