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New banner unveiled at Spartan wrestling match

By Staff | Feb 5, 2013

Senior members of the Competitive Spirit Spartan Squad look at their new banner now hanging in the school's gymnasium among the Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Track and Tennis Banners.

HUGHESVILLE – It is the tradition of many local high schools to memorialize their district and state athletic successes with long-lived memorial banners, and such is the case at East Lycoming. Here among the Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Track and Tennis Banners now hangs the first Hughesville Varsity Competitive Cheerleading Squad banner.

It represents the district 4 small division competition championship, which allows the Spartan athletes to participate in the state wide competition in Hershey.

A fresh banner hangs rolled against the wall of the Hughesville Spartan gymnasium. It represents the efforts of 14 young athletes and their coaches. It was unveiled in the second ceremony recognizing this accomplishment. Principal Ron Lorson dedicated the banner at the school Varsity Wrestling last week and this was the second presentation for the basketball fans of the district.

The Southern Columbia Tigers came to Hughesville to lose two straight games, Junior Varsity and Varsity, by narrow margins. During the half time break, the Spartans unrolled the new banner and demonstrated their skillful athleticism that earned them the honor.

After the unveiling of the new banner, the Competitive Spirit Spartan Squad from Hughesville performed their championship routine. With graceful tumbles and coordinated cheers the young women flew through the air as an approving crowd roared their approval at the complexity of their routines.

The members of the Spartan Squad include Seniors: Sarah Gensel and Taylor Klein, Brooke Reeser and Carly Sees. The Junior Cheerleaders include: Sydney Hampton, Taylor Hill and Emylee Shultz. The sophomore class is represented by Nacoma May, Bekka Miller, Savannah Miller, Alexis Parker, Cortney Peasley, Rachel Reitz and Amanda Shoemaker. Coaches for the 2012-13 school year are: Theresa Knott, Laura Saladino and Alexis Warf.