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Students qualify for State Contention in the Entrepreneurship Challenge

By Staff | Mar 11, 2013

Michael Alexander and Thomas Goetz, students at Montgomery High School attended the Entrepreneurship Challenge in Shamokin Dam

MONTGOMERY – Students from Mrs. Betty Marr’s Entrepreneurship class at Montgomery High School attended The Entrepreneurship Challenge last month, sponsored by EconomicsPennsylvania and held at the Susquehanna Country Club in Shamokin Dam. Each year the conference is designed to bring students from area schools together and challenge them to identify a viable business concept.

Prior to the conference, students were put in groups of two. These groups participated in hands-on activities which were designed to help them define their businesses. As a result, these students became engaged in the concept of writing a business plan.

Over 50 plans were submitted to the judges, and from the top five chosen, seniors Thomas Goetz and Michael Alexander from Montgomery were one of them.

The name of their inspiring business was ‘Mangiamo Veloce’, a great Italian Fast Food Restaurant. These students received a $75 gift card for their efforts and their plan is now in contention for placement at the State level.

“The coupling of Entrepreneurship class with the Entrepreneurship Challenge is an excellent way to give the students a realistic approach to the real world,” said their advisor, Betty Marr. Furthermore, this project brings to life the interactions between producers and consumers, and gives students a venue for learning about marketing, pricing, competition and much more.