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Students seek to get published

By Staff | Mar 19, 2013

On Friday morning, Luminary editor, Barbara Barrett visited with Creative Writing students in Daryl Bixler's class at Muncy High School during Newspaper In Education Week.

MUNCY – Last week was Newspaper in Education Week. Students from Daryl Bixler’s Creative Writing Class at Muncy High School welcomed Luminary editor, Barbara Barrett to the classroom so that they could share the memoirs they wrote. Bixler said that many of them were hoping to get some of their work published, and they were anxious to learn how they could make this happen.

Barrett shared some resources with them and gave them some tips on journalism and setting up photos to go with their stories. Many of the students were familiar with the Luminary and each shared their future goals, educational pursuits and their career aspirations. The writings were very diversified, well written and meaningful to them because they wrote about important people and events in their lives.

Newspaper in Education is celebrated annually during the first full school week in March and the American Press Institute puts together a curriculum for the teachers to use, emphasizing the importance of the newspaper as an educational resource. Barrett also discussed where news comes from and how to record the news and submit stories online to the Luminary.