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Connecting the Dots: A Series Senior to Senior

By Staff | Sep 17, 2013

photo by Rachel Wertman Pictured are seniors from the Montgomery High School Web Journalism class who authored the introductory series article, "Connecting the Dots.....Senior to Senior". From left to right are Kaitlyn Hipple, Matt Reinhart and Alicia Probst. Not pictured, Melissa Rosenberger.

Have you ever had someone tell you, “back in my day we would walk to school, in the snow, five miles, up hill both ways”? This type of infamous “storytelling” often causes a row amongst today’s youth. Essentially, this teenaged frustration comes from the belief that an elders’ perspective of “us youngsters” is less than favorable.

Generations before us think that their lives were harder than ours. While we mean no disrespect and would never discount the hardships that our elders have faced, we as teenagers would like to prove that we have just as many challenges as did those who have come before us. The only separation is that our obstacles come in different forms and with different consequences.

The Web Journalism class from the Montgomery Area High School will be writing a series of articles entitled, “Connecting the Dots: Senior to Senior.” Throughout this series, members of our class will work diligently to shorten the distance between high school seniors and senior citizens. These articles aim to inform our readership that students of today do not differ from what was faced “back in the day”. This journalistic series will highlight subjects that we consider to be the main causes of the “generation gap.” Topics include morals and values, technology, choices, and evolving gender roles. Hopefully, through highlighting our differences, we will be able to begin to “connect the dots.”