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Montgomery students develop video for emergency responders

By Staff | Feb 4, 2014

MONTGOMERY – In the beginning of December, a group of Montgomery high school students came together to start the process of filming a video for emergency responders. Known as the iCE ID, it gives first responders pertinent medical information. It is an acronym for “in case of emergency ID”.

“We were chosen due to our willingness as a class, our abilities on and off camera, and a belief in the iCE ID movement,” said one of the students involved. Others were Matt Reinhart, Bethany Hipple, Cheyenne Lynch, Codi Zanella, Morgan Patterson, Aris Shah, Amar Shah, Jessica Scampone, and Rachel Hite.

Participating students started out by sketching storyboards, a series of drawings, with physical directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a movie or television production. Next, began filming. “We filmed the narration with the students involved at the desk,” said Hipple. Meanwhile, they filmed footage of the Clinton Township Firehall to use throughout the video and planned for the dramatization they would be filming.

The dramatization was an essential part of the film due to it being a visual example of what iCE ID can do and why society needs it. “We had to decide on a house that would accommodate our needs while we staged a scenario in which iCE ID wasn’t in use. It took teamwork and creativity to execute the dramatization,” said the students. Each of them performed specific performed different situations, and experimented shooting the video with different angles to

get the best shot. Also, two students starred as leading actors in the actual “situation gone bad”, one being the patient and the other as the unknowing bystander.

Overall, carrying out the process was educational, but also purposeful. “We understood that iCE ID is an indispensable development in the aid of healthcare,” said Hipple. With iCE ID, emergency responders can identify and obtain vital medical information, and notify all emergency contacts all with just one text message. This seemingly improbable

innovation will benefit everyone who seizes this opportunity. Simply put, iCE ID is a system that allows on-scene responders to access your medical history necessary in administering health care as quick as a text message.

For further information regarding signing up for iCE ID, contact Mr. Todd Winder, Clinton Township Fire Chief. Winder saw the program’s potential and convinced Clinton Township to support it. Residents can sign up for the service through the township. It is free for the first month.