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Area students make transition from summer break

By Staff | Sep 2, 2014

Muncy elementary students started back to school on Thursday morning, August 21 at Ward Myers School.

MUNCY – Schools headed back this week and last week in the area. Muncy was the first one in the county when students reported for their first day on Thursday morning, August 21. “We like to start the year with a short week,” explained Frank Jankowski, principal at Ward Myers Elementary School. “This makes it easier to transition the kids,” he said.

Enrollment is also up for the year at the elementary school, with about 50 more students than last year. “We have a larger kindergarten this year.” Historically grade level classes have had more students, averaging about 80 students per grade from grades one through sixth. “Now we are approaching 90 per grade,” Jankowski added. “This is still within our general enrollment.” There are four kindergarten classes. Half of the alphabet started Thursday, and the remaining started Friday according to Anne Johnson, kindergarten teacher.

When asked about his first day of school, kindergarten student, Joey Santoyo said, “It’s really cool,” as he talked excitedly about his first school bus ride.

Calob Crooks also liked riding on the bus and was anxious to show off his fishy crackers that he brought for a snack. “It was awesome,” he said. Ameilia Beckman said she had to go to bed extra early the night before, and Mikaila Ganoe said she got a new outfit.

Their teacher, Mrs. Anne Johnson, said she has 22 students this year in her kindergarten classroom, a little more than last year.

School principal, Frank R. Jankowski, greets his students on the first day of school outside the Ward Myers Elementary school as they board from the bus and enter the building.

All teachers are returning this year. There are 40 teachers in the elementary building, and all students reported Monday, August 25.

Electronic tablets were added to all the elementary grades this year at Montgomery. This will be a popular educational tool in many classrooms this year.

“Our goal is to transform the way we deliver instruction to engage students and help every child reach his or her full potential, by customizing instruction for self-paced learning anywhere, anytime,” said Superintendent Daphne Bowers.

The East Lycoming School District will also continue its electronic tablet initiative, and this will be the first full year where students in grades four through 12 will use them in the classroom.

East Lycoming will offer science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses for junior high school students in grades seven and eight for the first time this year according to Superintendent Michael Pawlik. “The goal is to have the students continue in the STEM program into high school and expand their knowledge into careers for math, science, engineering and technology.

Faith Leonard and Bonnie Wisowaty sign parents in so they could walk with their kids to their assigned classrooms.

Muncy Kindergarten teacher, Anne Johnson, gets some of her students (left to right) Alexis Girven, Mikaila Ganoe and Joey Santoyo settled on their first day of school with some name tags and coloring activities.