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Students gather for freedom walk

By Staff | Sep 22, 2015

Carrying many flags, students led a patriotic procession from Ashkar Elementary School in Hughesville to the outside flag pole on Friday afternoon to honor those who died during the 9-11 attacks.

HUGHESVILLE – Although many were not yet born before the 9-11 event, the students at Ashkar Elementary School in East Lycoming School District say “they will never forget it” as they learned its history on Friday morning during a memorial tribute throughout the day.

Soon after lunch, the fourth graders presented a program and a freedom walk to their fellow classmates in honor of those who died during the 9-11 terroristic attack at the Twin Towers in New York City.

They made a video that was compelling using images of the attack depicting what really happened that day. They used graphics, music and text to record the facts of the event. The video is also on U-Tube.

Three student leaders, Ellie Jones, Liam Turnbow and Hailey Myers led the student production and related the events in the school cafeteria followed by a freedom walk throughout the building and eventually leading to the outside facing the large flagpole in front of the school building.

Sue Murray provided some of the flags that the students carried and many were dressed in patriotic colors as the 4th graders led the procession.

During an outside service a moment of silence was given by the students and led by (left to right) Hailey Myers, Ellie Jones and Liam Turnbow.

“This is the 14th anniversary of this event,” announced Liam Turnbow before proceeding out to the flag. “2,977 innocent lives were lost.” Ellie Jones read a script over the intercom for the entire student body and Hailey Myers sang the National Anthem as all stood and faced the flag. Liam also accompanied with the violin.

When asked about what happened that fateful day in September, Jacob Wentzel replied, “I feel sad that that happened to the twin towers and all the innocent people died. A lot of heroes died that day.”

Maisie Bitler said, “If I were alive then, I would be so upset watching those videos. They would make me cry. I felt a little nauseous in the stomach today watching them.”

Principal, Sherry Cowburn thanked the students for their worthwhile effort in presenting the program and also announced that this was the second consecutive year that they have done this. “We thank you for honoring those that day and for showing respect for our flag,” Cowburn told them.

Fourth grade students at Renn Elementary School in Lairdsville honored those whose lives were lost from the Twin Towers attack on 9-11 during a ceremonial program they presented in front of the school building last Friday morning for the 14th anniversary of this fateful day. Left to right are Brittany Jacobs, Ariyana Harer, Emma Ruch, Karlie Ryder, Ava Spring and Alainya Sheerwood (speaker).