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School will start September 5th

By Staff | Aug 30, 2017

MONTGOMERY – Just one day after Labor Day as scheduled, Montgomery Area School District is ready to welcome back students and parents. Construction which has been ongoing all summer by Middendorf Contracting, Inc. out of Wysox, PA, is almost completed and will not hold up the first day of school.

“We will open school with minor completions to occur after school hours,” assured School Superintendent, Daphne Bowers. Despite the rumors, school will be starting Tuesday, September 5. The Gymnasium will be the only area off limits to students, staff or community during the first few weeks of school.

One phase of the construction at the Montgomery Area School District was to change the front entrances of the high school. They will be secure and manned according to Bowers while the metal framing is being completed. A new ramp has been installed and some of the original brickwork has been cut away to create a series of additional first floor windows.

The gymnasium has had some extensive work done to the walls for structural purposes and the gym floor will be refinished and turned over to the school by September 18th reported Bowers. While work is completed in the gym area, classes will be held in other areas of the school, while most fall athletic events are held at the Montgomery Athletic & Community Center on Old Road.

The cafeteria has been renovated and new furniture accommodates the blended learning model of teaching and learning. Students will find both large and small group gathering areas with perimeter wall seating that also provides charging stations for devices.

“Our goal is to continue transforming our environment into flexible learning spaces that accommodates more of an individualized education for our students,” said Bowers. While welcoming teachers and staff back during the first inservice day on August 28, Bowers together with the entire Montgomery family, agreed on one very important fact: “What happens each day with the interactions of teachers and students far outweighs weather the building is completely put back together. Our environment is safe and we are looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year.”