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Four sets of twins will graduate together

By Staff | Feb 21, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Four sets of twins will be graduating from Hughesville High School this year. Back row (left to right): Daulton Myers, Matt Myers, Jason Kepner and Luke Kepner. Front row (left to right): Kaylee Minier, Kiah Minier, Allena McKinley and Alisha McKinley.

HUGHESVILLE – A rarity indeed, to have four sets of twins in one grade. And that is what is happening at Hughesville High School this school year.

Daulton Myers who is a twin said there are 122 students in his senior class and seven percent of them are twins. His fraternal twin brother, Matt, said, “Although we are brothers, we like different things.” Daulton is going to be attending Syracuse University and majoring in neuro science, while Matt is going to Misiercordia University for physical therapy.

Identical twins, Jason and Luke Kepner, said they share some things, but feel for the most part, they have different interests. On a sidenote, Luke advises people not to ask them if they are identical twins when it is so obvious, and when it does happen, the two of them perform a little skit to entertain the thought. Unknowingly both boys dress alike, often surprising each other, and both like sports. They will be attending Penn State University in the fall and majoring in telecommunications.

The Minier sisters, Kaylee and Kiah say they are totally different from each other and have little in common. Although they are fraternal, they do look like sisters. Kiah said she likes kids and hopes to work with them, whereas Kaylee is the opposite. Kiah is going to Mansfield U. but is undecided for her major.

Two more fraternal sisters, Allena and Alisha McKinley are both honest and straightforward about their sibling relationship. They are both athletic and outgoing, sharing soccer and track. Although they do not look at all alike, they both said their names are often a problem. “Teachers and friends get them mixed up.” Alena will be attending Bloomsburg University in Medical Imaging and Alisha will be at Penn State as a marketing major.

Although, they all share differences, often many, all eight of them agreed to one thing and that was the fact that they could read each other’s minds. “We know what the other is thinking,” said Kaylee.

“We can finish each other’s sentences,” said Alisha. “We all have our moments when we would say the same thing.”

“My brother and I are on the same page all the time,” said Jason. “My parents tell us that we talk to each other in our sleep,” he added even though they sleep in separate rooms.

“I know what my brother will say next,” said Matt.

As for twins in the other grades, Hughesville has five more sets in other grades. According to Wendy Daugherty, the secretary at the high school, there are twin girls in 11th grade, twin girls and a boy and girl in 9th grade and twin boys in 7th grade, plus another boy and girl also in 7th grade.